The Services we offer


Architecture and Technical Architecture

We offer consulting services from study prior to it ending

  • Technical, Basic, Executive Project (Architect and Technical Architect)
  • Rehabilitation, alterations, additions, new construction and demolition
  • Construction Manager (Architect and Technical Architect)
  • Safety, health studies and coordinations
  • Expert services
  • Building maintenance program
  • Building test Report (ITE)
  • Occupancy certificate
  • Economic studies (measurements and cost controls)
  • Reports, opinions and certificates
  • Drawing of buildings, lots and lands
  • Advice to managment and construction (licenses, contracts, comparatives budgets, etc.)
  • Topography
  • Town planning
  • Sustainable construction
  • Interior and ephemeral spaces



We offer all necessary services for the design and calculation of installations to it execution and legalization

  • Activity Project (Environmental Permit)
  • Technical Projects and Engineering Construction Manager
  • Facilities Projects: electrical, fire protection, iluminate, telecommunications (ICT), air conditioning, ventilation, gas and water
  • Management permissions and authorizations (Public Administration, Inspection and Monitoring Organitzations, Agencies Authorized Control, etc.)
  • Calculate, design and projects of renewable energy installations: thermal and PV solar, biomass and small wind
  • Energy certifications of buildings
  • Energy and environmental advice
  • Calculate, design anb projects of home automation schemes